YYCBurgerBattle 2018 Terms

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2018 YYC Burger Battle. We are excited to work with you to celebrate the best of Calgary's Burgers between June 15 to June 24, 2018. 

This year's burger entries will be limited to 50 participating restaurants determined by:

  • The speed at which all registration requirements are completed before May 11, 2018.
  • Our committee’s selection of the most interesting and unique burgers proposed on May 14, 2018. YYC Burger Battle requires restaurants to create a new burger, not normally available on the menu, to be featured at their location(s) for the 10-day event.
  • Full registration and payment completed by May 21, 2018.

 To register your restaurant’s intention to compete in this year’s Battle, please visit https://goo.gl/AVWbac and enter your restaurants details.

We’ll send you an email in a short time with a link to where you can create your burger profile. Please have the following details fully considered;

  1. The name of your burger.
  2. Description of your burger (include special qualities such as Vegan or Gluten free option)
  3. A Full list of ingredients in your burger.
  4. A high-resolution, well-lit photo of your burger.
  5. A high-resolution restaurant logo, and banner if desired.
  6. Customer contact information including hours and restaurant location(s)

YYC Burger Battle will require all burger concepts in by Friday, May 11, 2018. Upon the committee’s selection of up to 50 burgers, a payment of $100 by approved restaurants will be required by May 21, 2018.

Restaurants are responsible for pricing their burgers accordingly, with 15% of each burger sold to be donated to this year’s charity (The Alex Community Health Centre).

To win the 2018 YYC Burger Battle, restaurants will be competing in three categories:

  1. Popular vote determined by text votes.
  2. Most burgers sold.
  3. Most money raised for our selected charity.

There will be a final round for the top three restaurants in each of these categories with a judged round by a panel to determine the ultimate YYC Burger Battle champion.

Why should you participate in YYC Burger Battle? 

  • For the love of burgers.
  • To promote your restaurant citywide, and possibly on a provincial and even national level.
  • To support a local charity.
  • YYC Burger Battle will strive to provide the same level of exposure on all printed and social media platforms to all participating restaurants provided all deadlines have been consistently met. Restaurants who register earlier may get more exposure than those who sign up later due to pre-battle promotions.
  • Restaurants may be informed of and invited to additional opportunities for promotion (TV, radio, print) during the event.
  • Restaurants may be invited to participate in "cook-off," opening and closing events before, during and after the event, but are not obligated to attend.
  • Any questions regarding the Terms & Conditions can be forwarded to info@yycburgerbattle.com 

Restaurant Requirements

  1. Must complete registration including event fee of $100.
  2. Must submit gift-card of $20 (or merchandise valued at $20)
  3. Must agree to host at least one "Burger Ambassador" (burger judge) at your restaurant.
  4. Must complete burger profile by deadlines set.
  5. Must keep tally of total burgers sold for the event.

By submitting the form you agree to allow YYC Burger Battle and its executers to contact you via phone, email, and street address for promotion of your business, the current charity and/or YYC Burger Battle events.